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The Complexities of Handling Tax Returns

Hundreds of updates and new regulations are set out every year in Indonesia. With six underlying type of laws and hundreds of regulations in it, Indonesia has become one of the non-friendliest countries for taxpayers. With shifting economical conditions everyday, you still need to anticipate the three things below.


Time consumed for complex tax administration


Tax Penalties


Complying with prevailing tax regulations

"Without professional planning and execution, taxes can one of be the biggest expense in your company." This is where we provide tax solutions for you and your business.

About Us

Go Tax Indonesia (GTI) have experienced and certified tax consultants with varied specialties in the field of taxes. We believe that your tax contributions should not burden your mind, and that our experiences will become a valuable asset for your business through precise and calculated tax compliance and planning.

Here’s our goal for you:


Abundant time for profitable business development


Use of the maximum tax facility


Tranquility and ease in managing taxes

Our Services

Tax Compliance Services

GTI will assist to prepare and report following tax returns:

  • Individual Income Tax Returns (1770/1770S/1770SS)
  • Corporate Income Tax Returns (1771)
  • Monthly Corporate Tax Compliance for WHT Article 21, 23, 25, 4(2) and VAT

Tax Review

GTI will conduct internal tax audit to find potential taxation of financial transactions, thus Tax Payers could prepare a better Tax Planning.

Payroll Outsourcing

GTI will manage the payroll reporting for your company, from the beginning to the last payroll process, including calculating Take Home Pay and the Payable Tax, to printing and administrating the payslips.

Individual Wealth Management

GTI will prepare monthly income and expenditure report and give financial guidance and advice based on the most recent economic trends and updates.


Bookkeeping is important whether you are launching startup business or already run an established business. Bookkeeping allows you to be informed about the profitability and the expenses of your business, gives ongoing support, and offer timely advice when needed.

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PPh 21 Tax Calculator

Have you calculated your income tax correctly? Feel free to use our PPh 21 calculator to find out.